Interactive Media Specialist

Klaus-Jürgen brings on board a complementary service creating the best possible customer experience. He heads a specialised team that masters the art of promoting MEDTECH innovation by sharing best-practices and realistic use cases through custom-made interactive applications. As senior partner, Klaus-Jürgen is instrumental in turning novel technology propositions into memorable and effective medical marketing communications.

In the early nineties Klaus-Jürgen started his career contributing to several European research and development projects at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology in Germany. In this role he focused on developing new algorithms and visualisation techniques for medical applications.

An entrepreneur at heart, Klaus-Jürgen founded his first company shortly after. This took the form of a joint venture with two of his colleagues and set out to provide content marketing services for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

Besides adding value to the SINCE68 collective, Klaus-Jürgen is now heading his own new media agency with a strong customer base particularly in the fields of cardiology, oncology and pulmonology.

Klaus-Jürgen loves spending his free time with his two teenage children, wife and friends. When his busy schedule permits he enjoys listening to music, playing volleyball, walking his dogs and riding his motorbike.

Get in touch with Klaus-Jürgen at: klaus_juergen@since68.com

Belief No.1

We embrace the fact that speaking to patients is just not enough. A more meaningful way of engaging patients is to recognise that they are also humans, consumers, husbands, fans, mums, employees, citizens, spectators, etc. Our ability to develop rich experiences is rooted in the understanding that patients are in fact ‘caresumers’.

Belief No.2

Everyone in the healthcare community is talking about “integrated care”. We also observe that the emergence of integrated care will impact operating models greatly, affecting everything from technical innovation and design to go-to-market models. Still, for all players in the field of healthcare, the long and winding road ultimately leads to the caresumer. Whether we are serving a medical technology company, care giver or supplier, we make the caresumer the purpose of all our marketing activities.     

Belief No.3

Positive endorsement from other caresumers is the most powerful medium available to medical brands. This is especially true in today’s disruptive world. Caresumers are no longer swayed by healthcare authorities; it takes coherent, immersive experiences that create conversational capital. Medical brands must earn caresumer attention by providing value in the form of entertainment, information and utility.

specialists in MEDTECH marketing

1968 the year of the computer mouse, Egalité! Liberté! Sexualité!, the 747, The BEATLES, Apollo 8, the Prague Spring, the first European satellite and The Club of Rome, but also the year of the 1st bone marrow transplant and the 1st heart and lung transplants in Europe. 1968, a year of technological innovation, social revolution and emancipation.

2036 the year of the Nobel Prize for time travel, Apophis, 0.1 Singularity Generator, REPAIRONMENT, Atlantis Discovered, the Biological Immortality Movement, the Flycycle and the Year 2038 problem, but also the year of the 1st cloned brain transplant, the 2031 Cancer Free Games lustrum and Docs-in-Space? 2036, a year of genetic engineering, community life, follow-me care and self-containment?

TODAY it’s an exciting and inspiring time to be working in the medical sphere. In this rapidly changing landscape we're helping you optimise your marketing efforts.